Franchise Tax

Wisconsin Franchise Tax Information

Wisconsin has a concise Q&A on Corporate Taxes on their website. Wisconsin’s Franchise Tax more closely resembles Corporate Income Taxes than an average Franchise Tax filing in other states.

As a result, for Corporations, Wisconsin Franchise Taxes are typically filed by an accountant, as they are virtually identical to Corporate Income Taxes. A Corporation will only pay Franchise Taxes or Corporate Income Taxes in a given year, not both.

Talk to your Tax Accountant to determine which Tax you may owe. Franchise Tax applies to Foreign corporations (that are not tax exempt) doing business in Wisconsin.

When are Wisconsin Franchise Taxes due?

Form 4 and 6 (Corporation franchise or income tax return) are due:

  • April 15th if your taxable year end is December
  • Otherwise, 15th day of 4th month after end of taxable year
  • OR, if your fiscal year ending on June 30th – 15th day of 3rd month after end of fiscal taxable year

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