What is Discern, exactly?

Discern does a few things:

Replaces your Registered Agent everywhere in the US

Keeps track of the standing of your state registrations

Automates annual report, foreign registration, and Delaware franchise tax filing requirements

Digital-first Registered Agent service

The two largest Registered Agent companies in the US are each over 100 years old, and they are not software companies.

Discern offers digital-first Registered Agent service in 50 states plus DC, at the same or lower cost.

That means you’ll get Service of Process and State Notices via email.

You'll also get clear invoices and one billing cycle for simple reconciliation. No more searching for receipts or mysterious charges.

State Registration tracking

Discern automatically tracks the status of each state registration you have, so you always know if you’re in good standing.

Discern has perfect filing due date calculation.

Secretary of state due dates vary wildly by state, and can be based on things like when you initially registered in the state, the date of your fiscal year end, your tax treatment, and even whether this is the first time you’ve filed.

Discern knows when you have to file, and lets you know.

Automated Annual report, foreign registration, and Delaware franchise tax

Discern customers take their filing time down to minutes per year.

When you have a filing due in Discern, it appears automatically in your tasks.

Thousands of filings can be filed directly from Discern’s platform. No more government websites.

Discern’s filing engine pre-fills filings with information used previously on other filings. No more filling out repetitive information.

Discern keeps an auditable record of every filing done on the platform, so no more wondering: “Did I do that?”

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