DISCERN Video-Transcript

To gain more investment insights and achieve greater returns, you need better answers to your key investment questions. Better information. But there is so much information to keep up with. The data behind it comes from so many sources, it’s in disparate formats, and it’s constantly changing. It’s from public sources and third parties. You need supply, demand, and transaction data. Company performance and asset data. Geographic data and 10ks. You need census, social, and regulatory data. The list goes on. So you hire more people and spend more on hardware, software, more traditional research providers. But as the world becomes increasingly complex and competitive, it gets tougher to stay on top of it all, let alone capturing alpha from it.

DISCERN has your solution. Tell us the tickers you care about and we can scan the universe of data from public, commercial, premium data sources. Even your own data, which is kept private. DISCERN unifies and organizes the data around key investment factors. We augment it, drawing on the experience of our in-house curators, highly regarded Wall Street analysts who understand the market. And we apply machine processes to find relationships in the data that humans might otherwise miss. We then continuously monitor it for important developments based on your personal investment process. When we identify an actionable development, you’re immediately notified, gaining an awareness of events that impact your portfolio. We provide you with tools to assess and validate the insight’s relevance, providing you with the confidence to ask.

    Need to know when the housing supply increases in your company’s markets faster than the national average? Our Real Estate app can tell you that even down to the zip code level. Care when oil formation productivity rises significantly above current levels? The DISCERN Energy app has you covered. DISCERN persistently delivers insights 24/7, 365 days a year, even as you and your team sleep, uncovering your blind spots and reducing the time needed to make informed investment decisions.

Data organized the way you want it. Signals to keep you up to date and on top of the market. Visualizations and analytics to reveal non-obvious connections in the data. The best part? DISCERN fits right into your existing process and accelerates your workflow so you can spend less time gathering data and more time capturing alpha and being the winner you were born to be. DISCERN. Experience a sustainable information advantage.