• The National Academy of Sciences Study That Started it All

    The National Academy of Sciences Committee for Forecasting Future Disruptive Technologies invites Harry Blount to help conduct a research study. Its goal is to identify and reduce the frequency and magnitude of surprise through better foresight using data, tech and processes.
  • 2009

    • Harry Forms the Team

      Based on Academy study, Harry assembles a team of Wall Street and Silicon Valley pros to found DISCERN and forms the first advisory board for DISCERN, at that point a data-driven research provider.
    • 2012

      • Engineers Wanted

        Due to the popularity of its data-driven approach, DISCERN begins assembling additional engineers to create a software product which helps clients gather data in one browser-accessible location, see the data mapped to tickers and receive signals on the data.
      • 2014

        • DISCERN Rolls Out
          Energy Sector

          Primarily for asset managers focused on oil and gas, DISCERN’s Energy 1.0 is released.
        • DISCERN Named in
          "100 Most Promising Big Data Companies"

          A distinguished panel consisting of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts, and the editorial board of CIO Review add DISCERN to its list of 100 Most Promising Big Data Companies.
        • Signals as a Service: Trademarked

          DISCERN trademarks the phrase Signals as a Service, referring to the notifications received by DISCERN subscribers, whose data is scanned persistently for business anomalies. When an anomaly is detected, the subscriber is signaled with DISCERN’s findings.
        • Patent

          DISCERN is granted its first patent. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office acknowledges the technology’s unique method of using specialized glossaries to identify relevant data.
        • 2015

        • DISCERN Rolls Out Real Estate

          DISCERN releases its second product, DISCERN Real Estate, for investment managers focused on REITs and Homebuilders sectors. The product includes relevant data sets from DISCERN partners SNL and Altos, along with a suite of financial data and public.
        • 2016

        • DISCERN Rolls Out Retail

          The company releases DISCERN Retail, allowing investment managers and retailers to quickly access geographic data, performance data and financial data on hundreds of retailers and their competitors.
          • DISCERN: Not Just for Investment Managers Anymore

            The company releases DISCERN Retail for Corporate Decision-Makers, an interactive tool drawing on a powerful, persistently-updated database, empowering retailers to optimize their store location portfolios. Now retail executives can better strategize around new store locations and more nimbly target closures of suboptimal locations...in minutes.