Energy Draft 2.0

The Data, Signals & Visualizations You Need to Make Optimal Investment Decisions in Energy

Continuously Updated E&P Data
  • IP, production and asset quality data on hundreds of companies

  • Includes 100,000 of the most recently-drilled oil + gas wells

  • Data on dozens of key formations + basins

  • Accessible via download, FTP, or feed
Immediate Notification of New Insights Signals as a Service® alerts you to:
  • Valuation Anomalies

  • Movements in Market Share

  • Changes in Profitability

Landscape of Views & Perspectives
  • Competitive landscape

  • Geographic analysis

  • Asset performance mapped to company & geography

  • Library of customizable visualizations


Monitor your operations. Track your competitors.

The latest, most up-to-date well results by company, state, basin and formation Visuals revealing historical results over time Immediate notification as a company's production increases


Spot well trends signaling near and long-term changes.

Changes in engineering design - e.g., lateral lengths and completion designs Shifts in well quality and performance - e.g., well tests and productivity Accelerating and decelerating activity


See how a company + its assets stack up against the competition.

Company rankings versus competition on key attributes Additional roll-up rankings by basin, formation and lease Attributes plotted over time in a single click to spot trends + outliers


Quickly project future performance of a well group based on past performance.

Performance projections by company, well, basin, and formation The most user-friendly type curves on the market Immediate analysis of Expected Ultimate Recovery (EUR)