Real Estate

Profit from the Data Advantage
Enhance your process with powerful, compelling valuation metrics.

Validate how meaningful valuations truly are. Discover anomalies.

Drill down and look at a particular trend or inflection point over multiple time periods, easily toggling between them. Quickly track price-to-NAV, FFO & AFFO within the context of historical confidence intervals.

Quickly spot the best opportunities by sector, and by subsector.

See which stocks are the cheapest in the sector, and which are furthest below their historical averages.

Get a bead on shifting external factors impacting a company’s value.

Easily eyeball rents, inventory and demographic developments in the geographies you care about, mapped to the companies you follow. View a range of time, or a specific point in time.

See how companies stack up against peers.

Then rank the companies against their peers on the metrics that count in the areas where they’re exposed - employment, wages, inventory, rents, absorptions and more.