At a Glance: Permian Well Quality Trends

At a Glance: Permian Well Quality Trends

Data supports recently-improved well quality in the Permian for some operators such as PXD and FANG. At the same time, other operators such as Laredo have seen results more consistent with those of the last year. These trends are quickly evident when initial test rates are visualized on the DISCERN Energy platform (Figure 1) with much of the data often accessible prior to company earnings reports.

Recent remarks from PXD aligns with these observations. During the company's 3Q15 earnings report management reported that wells tested during the quarter were tracking significantly above the high end of the expected type curve range. On the other hand, recent commentary from LPI confirmed while well results have been solid and slightly above the type curve, performance has generally been consistent with prior trends.

Figure 1: PXD and FANG have seen improving initial rates in the Permian while results for LPI have been more steady versus the past year.


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