Consumer Retail: For Retailers

The Data, Signals + Visualizations You Need to Make Optimal Investment Decisions in Consumer Retail

Instantly Optimize Your Store Location Portfolio


The only interactive retail analytics solution with persistently updated data, allowing you to gain immediate insight


Continuously Updated Retail Data

  • 900+ public + private consumer retailers
  • 1,500+ banners across the US
  • 440,000+ store locations
  • Accessible via download or FTP

Immediate Notification of New Insights

Signals as a Service® alerts you to:

  • Valuation Anomalies
  • Movements in Market Share
  • Changes in Profitability

Landscape of Views + Perspectives

  • Competitive landscape
  • Banners mapped to key demographics + geography
  • Searchable library of auto-updated, customizable visualizations


Plug in an address and get the granular view of a specific site. 

Identify complimentary retailer sites, in minutes.

Drill down to discover high performers + rule out under-performers.

See what's nearby - by sector and subsector.

Continuously Updated Retail Data, All in One Place Get the consumer data you need - historical vs current, public vs mapped to Consumer Retail stocks, their trade areas, household income, population and more. Accessible via download, FTP, or continuous feed.


Assess competitive saturation in every category, in every trade area.

Create + study your own competitor set by trade area.

Geographic analysis: Overlay competitor locations.

Discover opportunities + spot overlap.

View by banner, company, region, MSA, zip code and more.



Use default trade area size or select your own
You can also create your own competitor set


Visual display of banner growth potential within trade areas of 1 to 50 miles

Analysis of a banner's total number of recommended potential stores nationwide


Financial + Demographic Attribute Ranking

See how a company truly stacks up against the competition.


Company rankings versus competition on key attributes

Attributes plotted over time to spot trends


Asset Analysis

Track a company’s assets relative to competitors.


M&A Analysis

Competitive Intensity

Disposition Analysis